Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Family Room Makeover Part II

As I mentioned before, we are in the very early stages of making over our family room. No construction, just a new color scheme, style, and decor. We are slowly coming up with a new design plan, but it can be a process when you mix a male's style and a female's style.

Our family room furniture was one of the first large purchases for our home, and it was a somewhat rushed and blind decision. I have always loved home decor, but it was not until we purchased our home that I realized just how much I love decorating and became more "knowledgeable" about all the different products, retailers, and design "rules." Don't get me wrong, I still have a TON to learn, but it's funny to look back from then to now and see just how different my taste is.

When we first set out to furnish the family room, I was uninspired and did not have any plan for the room (we just knew we needed  a place to sit). I knew I wanted the room to be different and not a packaged set from one of the big furniture chain stores, but I did not really know much about other furniture/home decor retailers.  The closest thing to inspiration that I found was a set of china! We were also recently engaged so china was a thing of interest, and I saw a set with brown, turquoise, and red. Though we decided against registering for the china (good thing, or we would be replacing that too!), the color scheme stuck with me, and we designed our family room furniture around it. I've always loved color, but I now realize everything in a space does not have to be full of color. It took three different paint jobs to realize this :)

The final paint color of the "overabundance of color" phase was this avocado green; I talked about it in our kitchen makeover here. From the moment we painted the family room and connecting kitchen, I knew I did not really like the color. I wanted to so badly because this was the third time to paint these rooms. Note to self: if you have to keep asking every person that enters your door if they like the color, you should probably get rid of it. We lived with it longer than I would like to admit. Take a look at the avocado explosion in the family room along with the very colorful furniture:

We couldn't just stop with the avocado green; we had to make the room even more "different" and colorful by painting the fireplace wall a different color

I finally came to realization that you can have bold color in smaller doses, which usually makes the color pop and not overpower a room. The furniture is also a little too bulky and square for my taste. We decided we should paint the room more of a neutral color. Also, we realized it would be best to bring in a more neutral sofa and other bigger ticket items, which would allow us to easily change the room down the road as our taste changes. It's a lot easier and less expensive to swap out pillows, art, etc. to get an updated look, rather than purchasing new furniture every time we want a different color in the space.

The room was painted Gray Owl by Benjamin Moore just like the adjoining kitchen. I think the new, neutral gray paint color has made a huge difference in the room already.

I hope you'll stick around for the redesign journey of this space; and I would love to hear your feedback or any experiences you have had. It can definitely be a challenge redoing a space, but it is always fun (at least for me) and so worth it in the end! Fingers crossed it doesn't take over a year like the kitchen.

Fingers also crossed for Jett....that he will have patience with his indecisive, picky wife ;)


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