Thursday, January 19, 2012

High Style, Low Price

Have you shopped in Target's home section lately? They have some really great stuff right now. I went to a Target that is off the "beaten path" the other day and actually saw a lot of this stuff in person, and it looks great. I've noticed, as I'm sure you have, that sometimes it's beneficial to go to a Target that isn't so popular or that is in a "bad" part of your town or city; they tend to not sell out of some things as quickly. Enough rambling, check out some of the great finds at Target:

Glass Accent Table - $89.99
I actually have these in our guest room, and I love them and have received so many compliments. They do not look cheap at all.

Mirror Table, F - $84.99
Decorative Pouf - $59.99

Mirrored Accent Table - $89.99
Stacked Crystal Lamp Base - $64.99

Printed Canvas - $19.99
Decorative Floral Pillow - $19.99

Decorative Chevron Pillow - Turquoise

Decorative Chevron Pillow - Gold

Decorative Chevron Pillow - Pink

Chevron Lam Shade - Gold
Mirrored Serving Tray

Decorative Serving Tray - Elephant $19.99

Decorative Pillow - Turquoise $17.00

Oversized Candle - Grey $14.99

Lamp Shade - Turquoise $17.00

Lamp Shade - Yellow $17.00

Decorative Hourglass - Grey $14.99

Glass Lamp Base - Turquoise $45.00

Textured Floral Pillow - Yellow

Embroidered Floral Pillow - Red $17.00

Round Woven Pillow - Tan $22.00

Trimmed Lamp Shade $17.00

Decorative Horse Head Figural - $24.99

Metallic Vase - Grey $14.99

Decorative Bolster Pillow - Tan $22.99

Decorative Bolster Pillow - Blue $22.99

Maize Woven Storage Basket - $39.99

Metal Cutout Lantern - Red $14.99

Medallion Print Pillow - Tan

Medallion Print Pillow - Red

Flocked Pillow - Red $19.99

Embroidered Lamp Shade - $19.99

Decorative Pouf - $49.99

Woven Wire Accent Table - $69.99

Textural Vase - $8.00

Decorative Vase - $24.99


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love the mirrored furniture from Targer!

samara florus said...

I do too! They do a really good job and it is so affordable for mirrored furniture.

Comeca Jones said...

I looked for that night stand at Target noot a one to be found.:( But you are right its the look for less for sure!

Courtney {a thoughtful place} said...

I love so many of these pieces!!! They have a great line right now!

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