Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Patio Weather? Part II

Back to the patio…. If you remember from this post, we are currently fixing up our patio and trying to make it an outdoor “living” area. To keep with our black and white color scheme, we are going to be doing a little painting and transforming of items that we already own.

We received this bench as a wedding shower gift and did not realize that it was not sealed, and it suffered a little weather damage. We definitely did not want to part with it so we decided we should just paint it black and include it with the rest of the black furniture. I do not have a good before picture; this picture is after Jett already started to sand it, and I asked him to pause so I could take a picture..... (I think this was also the part where I received my first eye roll.)

Look at my sweet hubby sanding away so that I can paint. I am not really a fan of sanding so he does the hard part sanding and I do the easy part painting.

"Keep up the good work! No, I am not going to put these pictures online; I just want to remember the process!" (Shhhh....don't tell him)

 "What's that Honey? You've got a cramp from posing sanding? Oh, I'm so sorry! Let me help you..... after this last shot."

I'll share the new and improved bench soon!