Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIY White Feather Ornaments

This year I decided to change the "theme" of our Christmas decor in the family room. I am going for a white Christmas using only white, silvers, and golds; we also bought a flocked tree. I wanted the tree to be full of texture, sparkle, and fluff!

I saw clear glass ornaments stuffed with white feathers at West Elm the other day, and I knew they would be perfect for my white wonderland of a tree. The only problem was the price; they were $9 a piece, and a very wise lady once told me you were supposed to buy ornaments in threes (you do the math). I knew I could replicate the ornaments for less money, and I was right!

Clear glass ornaments from Hobby Lobby (4 pack) - $3
White feathers from Hobby Lobby - $1.99

All I did was take the top off of the ornaments and gently stuff the feathers into the ornament. I trimmed most of the feathers to make them the right length and to clean up some of the wild strands. This is super easy!

You could add colored feathers or even the eye of a peacock feather (I bought some with peacock feathers last year that are almost identical to this shape).

There you have it - white feather ornaments for $1.25 a piece versus $9. This is definitely one of those projects that will make the husband happy ;)