Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Inside My Make-up Bag - Under-eye Primer

I am constantly on the lookout for new beauty products that create miracles results. One of my biggest problem areas is my eyes. I have always had dark circles, puffiness, and now signs of crow’s feet. gasp

I have had the hardest time finding concealers to cover the dark circles, and when I find one that provides enough coverage, it is too thick and creases. I finally decided to try an under-eye primer in hopes that I could pile apply a sufficient amount of concealer and still have a smooth finish. 

I turned to reviews online and decided to purchase YSL’s Top Secrets Wake-Up Eye Care. I absolutely love this stuff. It not only helps w/ the smooth application of my concealer, but it also helps out drastically w/ the puffiness. It may have even helped with my dark circles as well, but that is hard to tell (more to come on that topic later). There is one down side to this product (of course); it is a bit pricey and does not last long… I would love to find another product that shows this many results that lasts longer than a month. One month!



Leaves eyes feeling very smooth

Helps under-eye make-up have a smooth finish

Leaves eyes looking “awake”

Reduces puffiness

Possibly reduces dark circles

Can find it at most department stores



$44 a tube

Lasts only a month with daily usage





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